Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Islamorada to Key West

Right next to our Islamorada marina is a restaurant with a giant Florida lobster out front. The rumor is a diver caught it and put it in an aquarium. He also happened to be a body builder. Well the word is he kept getting his steroids and the fish food mixed up until the thing got away.

The Theater of the Sea is the main attraction in Islamorada. They have a dolphin, sea lion and parrot show. The dolphin show is really good because you are very close to the dolphins during the show and you get to interact with them.

They do the usual dolphin tricks.

And they have a lagoon boat ride where they get the dolphins to jump right next to you. It seemed like they were going to land in the boat a few times.

The World Wide Sportsman store (really just an upscale Bass Pro Shop) has the original boat that Ernest Hemingway started fishing with in the keys. He liked it so much he had one built.

Inside you can see the desk and typewriter where he sometimes wrote. As you can see I'm finally writing the novel I've been telling you about. In keeping with our activities here I'm going to title it … To Have.... and Have Another.

The Doerfuls (family band with 9 boys and 1 girl from Buffalo) have moved to the keys (they were just coming down in the winters before). They are basically a bluegrass band but have widened their repertoire since last year. At the Habitat for Humanities fundraiser they did a heavy metal set. Howard Livingston (Livin' on Key West Time) was there also.

There is a bird rescue center near Key Largo. At 3PM every day they feed the pelicans by the water. Most fly in in a frenzy but this guy was rather laid back and just casually walked to the feeding.

The pelicans have a yellow neck until the first time they mate. Then the neck turns brown. How embarrassing that must be to show up that first day and and have everyone nodding and clucking about what you did last night.

We are actually in Key West now. The Oceanside Marina is nice. Many big boats.

And us.

The best thing about it is our neighbors on the dock. There are gatherings almost every night. A TV was set up on the pier to watch the Super Bowl and we've had several birthday parties and a pig roast. Many are full time residents and some are snow birds here for 6 months or so. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. This is Gerry and Bev, our next door neighbors. You couldn't ask for better neighbors. Gerry cut the stuck studs off my trailer wheel so I could remove it to replace the bearings.

Bob and Tina live a few boats down. Bob is a captain on the large Sebago boats which do the Sunset and other cruises. If you're ever down here sign up with Sebago. They're the best.

We did the Sunset Cruise with Bob and had an awesome time.

On the cruise we met Vicki and Cathy from Michigan and Crystal, Nathan and Mathew from Denver. We had a great time going out to dinner and partying with them that night after the cruise.

We have a new Top Ten in Key West entry. The upstairs Turtle Kraals Happy Hour has it all. Good drink prices, half price appetizers ($7 bucket of ribs, $5 deep dish nachos, etc..) and a view of the harbor like no other. You get to see all the sunset cruises go out and there's always interesting stuff happening like the blitzed girl in a bikini being taken out to her boat only to fall overboard and then taking a leak over the side as she finally got in and motored away. A guy she didn't know had offered her a ride in his dingy but he brought her back about 20 minutes later to a greeting party of police and EMTs. They took her out on a stretcher. Here's the view (minus the drunk girl).

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